Golan Volunteer (GV) was formed in 2011, with the aim of making volunteering possible for everybody through affordable, safe, high quality projects in developing country (Ghana).

GV provides affordable placements by partnering with organizations based in the country (Ghana) where volunteers wish to work. This is extremely effective for a number of reasons.

Statement of Intent

Golan Volunteer (GV) aims to provide volunteer travelers with quality, flexible , convenient , safe and highly affordable volunteering placements in developing country (GHANA). In addition to providing aid and assistance to these countries, GV endeavors to increase education and heighten awareness through not only the skills and expertise taken by volunteers to their host communities and institutions, but also through the experiences and lessons volunteers will in turn take back to their own countries and cultures.

GV Goals

· Make safe, quality international volunteer travel genuinely affordable. iAssistance to local communities and organizations through providing short term (one week to six months) international volunteers.

· Heighten awareness of issues in developing country (Ghana) through first hand volunteer experiences.

· Authentic international volunteer travel experiences, achieved by living and working with local people, communities, organizations and families.

· Education for both local people (through volunteers) and volunteers (through their volunteer travel experience and interaction with local people). Provide an opportunity for people to experience different cultures and international travel affordably whilst making a difference.