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Golan Volunteers is a registered Ghana organization and our incorporation number is G-39,151. We are also registered and verified by a number of international volunteer travel portals. Furthermore we also have the GV Facebook Page. If you wish to talk to a staff member from GV feel free to ring us anytime on +233 (0) 248398744 or email us at and we will call you. If you wish to travel and visit us, you can as well.

GV was set up to provide affordable, high quality and flexible volunteering projects for people wishing to volunteer abroad. The organization is built on ten strong foundations that we try to provide every volunteer with – AFFORDABILITY, FLEXIBILITY, QUALITY, SUPPORT, SAFETY, FRIENDSHIP, NEED, LOYALTY, EXPERIENCE and ENJOYMENT.

Volunteering is based on the concept of giving through the donation of your time, your skills, your energy and often just simply your presence to help others in need. However, while volunteers have a tremendous effect on the people they work with, you will very rarely find a volunteer who feels they have given more than they have received. The lessons and benefits that a volunteer receives while volunteering are endless and can include increased self-confidence and social awareness, development of life skills, personal growth, friendship and building of independence. Furthermore, volunteering can help to enhance career prospects. Not only do volunteers increase their skill base, work experience and international contacts through volunteering, employees often look favorably upon those that are willing to go outside of their comfort zone and give up their time to assist others.

As a volunteer you are giving up your time and your skills to help those in need, therefore many people fail to see why they should also have to pay to volunteer. The program fees you pay go directly to GV organization in the country you will be volunteering in and are used to pay for expenses associated with your stay such as food, accommodation, airport pickups, orientation and staff salaries to ensure your volunteering stay in the host country goes as smoothly as possible. All our STAFF almost entirely paid by volunteer fees and therefore in order for the program to continue it is imperative we charge volunteers for their board, meals and airport pickups. While in the perfect world, these costs would be funded by a large NGO such as UNICEF, every organization has priorities and cannot be everywhere at once. To see exactly what you receive for your fees click here.

GV was established to provide people worldwide with genuinely high quality and yet affordable volunteer travel opportunities. Our registration fee and program fees have been designed to keep the quality of the volunteer programs high, yet at the same time ensure we do not include any unnecessary costs or middle men which often inflate the fees of other organizations. The entirety of the program fee you pay reaches the country(Ghana) in which you work, leaving only the registration fee to cover costs outside of the country such as marketing, quality control, in country visits and pre-departure administration and support from your dedicated GV program coordinator (to help you prepare before you go). Many other organizations take thousands of dollars, much of which never make it to the country in which you are travelling to. We do not “skimp” on the quality of our programs, rather we work on a transparent financial system, whereby we can operate at a sustainable level, provided we have high numbers of volunteer travelers going through our programs. While some programs that charge thousands of dollars will only have two or three volunteers in each country at one time, due to the fact we have thousands of volunteers going through our programs annually, we can operate on a system of economies of scale which allows us to keep costs low and quality high.

Click here to see the booking process for GV or simply book online now. Can we volunteer as a group? Yes. Golan Volunteers accepts group booking and can even organise special projects and discount rates, please email us to find out more about a specific country. You can read more about GV group volunteering trips on our special group volunteering page.

Yes. Golan Volunteers can ensure you are placed in the same accommodation and project as a friend or partner. All we ask is that when you apply you make a note on the application form with your friend’s name stating you wish to be placed together.

If a person is under 18 and wishes to volunteer abroad by themselves then the short answer is no. However, if they are volunteering as part of a group (with adult minders) or with a family, guardian or parent/caregiver (18 or over) then this is fine. All we ask is that when they apply they note on their form the name of the person they are volunteering with (and their minder also does this on their form), so we can ensure they are placed together and our staff also know they are eligible to volunteer on our program. Do I need specific skills or qualifications to volunteer? Generally the only requirement for volunteers is to be fluent in English. However, in most of the medical and health placements, volunteers must be qualified or training in a relevant medical field (documentation be presented to partner organization on arrival in host country).

GV is focused solely on providing the most affordable, quality and flexible volunteering opportunities available and therefore we try to stay away from playing the role of intermediary in donations. If you are about to volunteer you will find many worthy causes when you arrive in your host country that you can donate the money to directly.

Yes, although GV is based in Ghana, we are an international volunteer placement organization and therefore accommodate people from all nationalities. 99% of our volunteer travelers come from outside Ghana.

Volunteers come from a variety of countries. Volunteer can come from any country in the world.

Some of our programs are flexible and if you wish to be placed by yourself you can, however in most cases you will be working and living with other volunteers.

In order to keep costs as low as possible for the volunteer we do not include travel insurance in our fees as we have found that generally volunteers can acquire it cheaper by getting it privately. Travel insurance is compulsory to volunteer abroad on an GV’s volunteer program. While GV’s does everything it can to ensure your trip abroad, goes smoothly and is a fantastic, memorable experience, it is very wise to ensure you have adequate travel insurance should you fall sick, bags go missing or something is stolen. Golan volunteers recommends volunteers to do travel insurance with World Nomads travel insurance to ensure volunteers have access to the best insurance deals designed specifically with volunteer travelers in mind.

We do not have a deadline for applications and registrations but our advice is to apply and register as soon as you have your dates set. This allows you to be linked up to an GV’s program coordinator who will help you prepare for your trip abroad. Your program coordinator will initially send you a MASSIVE information booklet and also put you in contact with our local country staff. They are also on hand to get extra information from you that we require and answer any questions you may have before your departure. By applying and registering early, you also ensure you do not miss out on a spot. Placements are limited and due to our super low prices, in busy times our programs do reach capacity and potential volunteers have to be turned away.

Every situation is different and depends on your country (your home nationality) you are traveling from to our country(Ghana), however in the large majority of cases you will have to get some type of visa. More information is provided on this when you sign up to our program.

Yes, your Golan volunteers travel consultant will provide you with a reference on completion of your volunteering stint. Furthermore, they are usually more than happy to act as a referee after consultation with our staff in your host town.

These vary from country to country. Click here to see programs page.

Generally the only vaccination REQUIRED is Yellow Fever when you volunteer in Africa, however we will send you a list of recommended immunizations when you sign up to your particular program.

The only language you require is English. In a lot of cases our staff or host will provide you with a basic language course to assist you in your day to day activities and you will pick up a lot of phrases and terms over your volunteering period. It is always great to be able to converse in the local language!


Yes! We believe it is extremely important to “soak up” as much of a country as you can while you are there. Volunteer travellers will often spend thousands of dollars on their airfares and while we believe our trips are the most authentic way to experience a country (living and working with local people), tourist activities and in country travel will only enhance your experience. Our staff are very flexible and often encourage you to take time out from volunteer work to travel and explore your host country(Ghana). Golan volunteers organization also have partner tourist organizations and contacts to make this easier for you. Have a question that is not answered here? Contact Us and have it answered now