The Ghana Agriculture program is designed for those who enjoy the more physical aspect of volunteering and want to get their “hands dirty”. The main aim of this program is to address the difficulties facing our orphanage programs in terms of food for the children. By assisting the orphanages with developing and expanding agriculture programs, it assists these institutions in providing more sustainable food sources for the children and in some cases an added source of income for the orphanage, whereby the orphanage can sell the goods to local communities. Work consists of both crop farming (eggplants, capsicums, palms, etc) and animal farming (rabbits, goats, chickens, etc) dependent on the season and where you are placed. Volunteers will be clearing land for growing crops, assisting with fertilizing the land, developing land for cropping, planting crops, nurturing crops, teaching farming techniques to the older children and local staff, assisting with purchasing stock, caring for stock, fencing and moving stock. Those with previous agricultural experience will also be able to assist the orphanage in developing systems to help grow their crops and animals more effectively. The Agriculture program is designed to help the orphanage homes where we work. Volunteers on this project will also be able to assist with teaching in a local school to ensure they have sufficient work. Therefore, agriculture volunteers must also be prepared to participate in some teaching work. NB While previous agricultural experience is not a prerequisite for this program, the more experience you have, the more you will be able to assist with developing the program and teaching techniques to local staff and older children at the orphanages. It is also important to note that resources and machinery are extremely limited and most work is very labour intensive.

GV EXAMPLE PLACEMENT: Abaasa Farm Abaasa farm is located in Gomoa Abaasa in the Central Region about a 2 hour drive from Accra. Gomoa Aaasa is a farming town, and there is a small market in the town where some of the produce grown is sold to earn income for the farm. Some of the produce also given to the local orphanages to feed the children. Currently this is a Poultry and crop farm.