The Ghanaian orphanage program seeks to address the numerous problems that many children without proper education, health care, food, love and attention face as a result of their parents not being there for them. Orphans everywhere need care and volunteers will be placed in either rural or urban environments where they will teach, love and care for these less fortunate children. Volunteers will design and execute effective teaching programs, activities and events to inspire and develop the children’s talent and abilities through human interaction and care. This program will also give volunteers an opportunity to explore and understand the Ghanaian people and their culture. Volunteers can bring along sweets, books, pencils and music instrument to help entertain the kids and assist with activities. These supplies can generally be brought in country if packing is limited (GV actually encourages this as it brings more money into the Ghanaian economy as opposed to buying the goods in our home countries).

GV EXAMPLE PLACEMENT: Ark Foundation Ark Foundation is located in the Eastern region of Anyinasin and is home to over 50 children. The children admitted are of any age. Most of them are orphans or street children brought to the home by relatives and friends. NB This is only an example placement which is one of many offered by GV in Ghana and not necessarily the one you will be working at.